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Full Of Fun And Full Of Results!

Full House provides dog training that is FULL of fun and FULL of results! Our training is done in our home or yours so your dog is learning in an environment that’s practical for daily living. Just like food and water, training is an essential element to your dog’s quality of life, so your interest in finding the right trainer puts you at the head of the pack.

We do our best work for pet-parents who are committed to the well-being and health of their dog. When owners are actively engaged in their dog’s training, together, we can make incredible improvements in behavior. By using appropriate tools and rewards, lots of praise and yes, fair and humane consequences, Our Programs empower your dog to make wise choices for themselves so they become a positive problem solver in difficult circumstances without you having to be by their side to remind them how to behave.

We’d love to meet you and let you decide if we are the right trainer for you and your dog! And if we aren’t the right match, we are happy to refer you to one of the few trainers who we would trust with our own dogs!

Our Promise To Our Clients:

  • We promise to be your trusted training partner by providing you with the knowledge and tools to build a strong bond with your dog in a fun and uplifting environment. We support your commitment and will help you create peace and harmony in your relationship with your dog through our rewards-based training methods. We will provide results-driven training programs with lifetime support (including unlimited access to our Client Practice classes for the life of your dog) to ensure long-term success and the development of your dog’s full potential!

Our Promise To Your Dog:

  • We promise to provide fair and humane training in a motivating and rewarding environment that will also teach your owner how to better communicate with you in your own language. You will learn manners that will help you live a happy life with your family, no matter where their adventures take you!

Your Promise To Your Dog:

  • Training is a partnership, so your success is only as good as your commitment! You’ve read our commitment to you and your dog, so we also expect that our clients will fulfill these simple requirements:
  • Always be an advocate for your dog! Once you start training with us, we will help you understand how you can elevate your role as a pet-parent.
  • Make time every day to engage in short, but effective training sessions with your dog. These sessions don’t need to be laborious and time consuming, just simple and accurate. And, hey, why not make them fun! You will learn all you need to know to make this possible no matter which training program you select to meet your needs.

Meet Your Trainer

Tracie Kay is the owner and head trainer at Full House Dog Training, but this journey is a family affair. The Kay family considers their canine companions additional members of their family. Thus, the name Full House, perfectly fits a family of five active humans and three dogs all living under one roof! They look forward to sharing their home with your dog to make him feel comfortable and loved while the dog is away from home.

Tracie has had a life-long drive to help others! It is an innate characteristic that is ingrained in her passion for life. From personal fitness training, global humanitarian work and developing her family in a polarized world, Tracie is dedicated to easing others’ burdens and helping them find joy in their own life.

Tracie’s motivation for teaching others how to enjoy life with their dog, stems from the pure joy she has experienced learning and training her own dogs over the past couple of years. As an active woman focused on balancing personal goals for herself and her family, she has developed her own dog training techniques that bring success to any lifestyle. Tracie has a genuine interest in helping others find this same joy from the relationship with their dog and she knows this endeavor isn’t achieved through just teaching your dog to sit and stay! Teaching your dog to live in your human world is much deeper and results depend on an owner’s understanding of how to properly communicate and become a leader in their dog’s life.

Don’t let one more moment of dog chaos continue in your life! Let Full House be your trusted partner in remembering why you brought your dog into your life in the first place. Together, you will discover peace and a stronger bond with your dog! Find a training program that will end your frustrations today!



Yep, here’s Tracie’s chance to do some name dropping! She’s had the honor to learn from numerous renowned dog trainers throughout her journey.

Why is this important for you?

These names probably mean nothing to you as a pet-parent, but what is important, is for you to recognize why we’ve included this list! Tracie continually discovers new, more empowering techniques to broaden our training programs and bring greater solutions to you and your dog. Just like technology requires ongoing training, we want to keep learning so our programs remain progressive and impactful!

  • Beginning Pet Manners class with Certified Behavior Consultant, Skye Poitras; March 2015
  • Wasatch Canine Camp – e-collar group class with Bethany Tracy, Wasatch Canine Camp; October 2015
  • Pack to Basics Trouble Shooting Workshop with Chad Mackin; August 2016
  • Reliability and Games online workshop with Dr. Ian Dunbar; November 2016
  • Puppy Paradox: Training for the Young & Adolescent Puppy with Brittany Brauer and Sara Dixon; December 2015
  • K9 Guidance to Inclusion Intensive Shadow Program with Christopher & Brittany Brauer; March 2017
  • Training Between the Ears: Resolving Conflict in Human/Canine Relationships by Mark McCabe; March 2017
  • Play is the Way Seminar by Jay Jack; December 2017
  • Puppy Potential Workshop with Brittany Brauer and Bethany Tracy; January 2018
  • Training Between The Ears: Resolving Conflicts in Human/Canine Relationships with Mark McCabe; March 2018

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