Dog Walking Tips

Dog Walking Tips from Experienced Dog Trainer

Let’s Take a Walk Do you dread the idea of walking your dog? Often, this seemingly simple task can be overwhelming and create more anxiety as you anticipate all that could happen once you step out your front door. As the weather warms up, you may be considering revisiting the idea to get outside and […]

Springtime – Your Pup’s Health & Safety

As our weather warms up, you and your pup may be spending more time outdoors. For anyone who enjoys camping and hiking with your dog, it’s even more important to be aware and be prepared. Here are a few topics to think about to help you and your dog enjoy your time together outdoors. Flees […]

Emotional-Based Learning

Emotions?  Like happy, sad and mad?   How do emotions relate to training my dog?  Emotions are at the root of all behavior.  Behavior is based on how your dog (as well as you as a human) feels about experiences that take place in its life. Stimulation: you grab your dog’s leash Dog’s emotion: Excitement, happiness […]

Grade School Level

Does your dog go crazy outdoors, around other dogs or when you have guests in your home? These frustrating moments are what prompt a majority of dog owners to reach out for our help.  Interestingly, the reason your dog struggles and you become overwhelmed by their behavior in these instances is because of one simple […]

Obedience, a Facade to Changing Behavior

There are moments that can turn into days, weeks, or months of continual frustration with your dog’s behavior. Maybe you dread taking your dog on a walk because of his constant barking at everyone and everything. Or, perhaps getting yanked around by your dog while circling the block has zero enjoyment for you. Do you […]

The Pattern Of Success

If practice makes perfect, then what if we only practiced perfect patterns to lead to desired behaviors? If all your dog knew was one pattern, they wouldn’t discover any other ideas or solutions in their head. Now that may sound very unrealistic, but our training should be focused on this concept, so let’s breakdown the […]


Not me! Nope, it’s not my turn. I did it yesterday! Is taking your dog on a walk a complete nightmare? Is your shoulder sore from getting flung around at the end of the leash? Did you know you ARE NOT a bad dog owner if you DON’T take your dog on a walk? That […]