Group Classes

Group Class Benefits:

Small class size

8-10 dogs, two trainers each class

Emotional Control

Focus on mental relaxation and energy control, creating an “off-switch” that enables your dog to become more calm in a variety of environments

Social Experience

Both you and your dog will learn from others in this higher stimulation environment while being guided by our trainers

Owner Confidence

Owners gain confidence through hands-on learning and direct coaching

Signature Learning Curve

Your pathway to becoming the Happiest Dog Owner

Group Class Overview

Let’s get social!

Group classes occur weekly on the same day and provide the perfect social experience for both you and your dog. With a higher level of stimulation from both human and dog classmates, you will build confidence in learning the best approach to supporting your dog’s behaviors in this more challenging environment. Your mind will also be opened to learning from the experiences of other classmates for an abundance of growth.

Group classes follow our Full House Signature Learning Curve, a training system created for all dogs, no matter their age or prior training experiences, that begins with Great Start. Upon graduation from the Great Start class, your training is elevated further with our Top Dog program and the opportunity to summit with Green Leash certification.

Together, you and your dog will learn to speak the same language and ease frustrations, create immediate successes and establish a meaningful connection. Success occurs as owners execute a series of step-by-step exercises in their home environments on a daily basis, using the knowledge gained during each class. This is your path to saying “YES” to your dog instead of constantly managing bad behavior with “no, no no!”

Group Learning

Variety of shared experiences, in-the-moment trainer guidance, dog and people socialization

Real-World Skills

Energy control, calmer behaviors, loose-leash walking, door manners, proper people and dog greetings

Reliability to commands

Sit, Down, Stay, By Me and Drop

Lifelong Partnership

Coaching and support from our trainers for the life of your dog

Group Classes in a Nutshell

Great Start Group Class

Our Great Start group class focuses on developing skills in emotional stability and energy control. Creating a solid foundation of mental control and accountability for making positive choices, will ensure your dog has higher success and reliability in all aspects of your life together compared to traditional obedience-only training.

With this foundation in place, your dog will then learn all the expected good-dog behaviors in gradually more challenging environments. No matter what the age, breed or previous training experience, every new Full House family member begins with Great Start. This class creates success around low to medium level distractions and focuses on calm, positive behaviors indoors where your dog spends a majority of its life.

Six, weekly sessions

Class tuition $365

Includes a specialized training leash, online training materials, videos and community networking

Peace of mind with lifetime support and coaching.

Top Dog Group Class

After graduating from the Great Start Group Class, dogs are ready to move forward with Top Dog status! Our Top Dog Group Class continues doggie-development in higher distraction environments to meet the lifestyle goals you want to enjoy with your dog. It includes working outdoors around other dogs, field trips to dog-friendly stores and higher reliability with leash skills and obedience to prepare you and your dog to successfully achieve your Green-Leash certification.

Held quarterly, requires graduation from a Great Start program

Six, weekly sessions

Class tuition $365

Includes a longline leash for high distraction work, online training materials, videos, community networking, and one attempt at Green-Leash certification.

Peace of mind with lifetime support and coaching.

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