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Paw Partners Overview

Simply put, at Full House Dog Training, we know that the love and loyalty of a well-behaved dog can infuse pure joy into your life and home. Helping our clients find the right dog and learning how to fully enjoy one another is our number one goal. Our Paw Partners program is one more way you can count on us to do just that.

Pick of the Litter

$495 (over a $500 value)

Understanding breed characteristics and puppy personalities is our expertise! Let Full House Dog Training help your family select the ideal pup.

Go beyond picking from the cutest puppy face and find your perfect friend to match the dynamics of your household

Guidance to find a breed and temperament that matches your lifestyle

Vet high-quality breeders who properly care for puppies in the early weeks of life

Make the transition for your family and your new pup as stress-free as possible

Signature Learning Curve

Your pathway to becoming the Happiest Dog Owner

We Provide:

Breeder Selection

Breeder Selection: 

We will guide you in your research and selection of a top-quality breeder (local OR out-of- state) who is invested in the success of your puppy from day one. Puppies who are raised appropriately during the first weeks of life require less work during the transition period home and throughout life.

Puppy Selection Guidance

Perfect Pup:

We will assess each available puppy with proven temperament testing techniques to determine strengths and weakness, then guide you in selecting those characteristics that will be most compatible with your home environment.

Great Start Guidebook

Great Start Survival Guide:

You receive comprehensive information including transition-home details, schedules for success, potty and crate training basics, and all the need-to-know information to ensure long-lasting puppy love.

Welcome Home Session

Welcome Home Session:

Enjoy the support of having a puppy concierge joining you when your new puppy arrives home to ensure a smooth transition process for you and your pup.

Training Experience of your Choice - Select One

Great Start Group Training*

Enjoy three complimentary sessions of our evening Great Start Group class that begins your first step to developing positive foundational skills for your dog.

Private Training session*

One personalized training session at our facility for one-on-one guidance to meet your needs and answer your questions. Scheduling is flexible to your availability.

Lifetime Support included with either training

Includes continual coaching opportunities and our monthly client practice sessions to support your dog’s on-going development.
*Additional training sessions can be included for more in-depth learning and development opportunities.

Heart-to-Heart Support

Full House Dog Training recognizes the loving hearts in our communities that work to connect fluffy companions with new families. We are committed to supporting these community outreach programs that include humane societies, shelters, and rescue groups through volunteering our time, our financial resources, and our own love of every dog, everywhere. Our goal is to help provide a second chance for all dogs to find the perfect, final home.
Bam Bam is a very high energy dog and was returned to our shelter twice because he was too much for the adopting families. Besides his energy level, he was a happy, easy going dog, but his constant excitement was very frustrating for people to handle. Tracie donated her incredible training and foster care to our shelter for Bam Bam to reach his full potential. Her commitment to his preparation to find him the perfect home has helped us immensely!
Whitney S., Cache Valley Humane Society
Google Review
We’d been in touch with Tracie for a few months trying to add a new pup to our family. She let us know about a ten month old puppy she was fostering who needed a home. Living in Texas, we knew we needed to know the dog would be a perfect fit since getting him home was going to be an involved process. She was so helpful sending us photos, videos and detailed descriptions, and we luckily had family in Utah who were able to meet Murphy on our behalf. We flew to Utah to personally meet Murphy and then drove back to Texas with him. He was just as described! Tracie continually checked in on us during our commute and frequently as we were all getting adjusted back home. She answered all our questions and it was a very positive experience.
Brooke N., Texas
Google Review

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