Residency Training

Residency Training Benefits:

Home Sweet Home

Training is done in a home environment to create comfort and practical application of behaviors

Owner Confidence

Owners gain confidence through multiple transition sessions and lifetime coaching to ensure peace of mind that you are learning along with the dog

Emotional Control

Focus on mental relaxation and energy control, creating an “off-switch” that enables your dog to become more calm in a variety of environments

Appropriate Socialization

Structured socialization opportunities for your dog to learn to appropriately engage with other dogs

Signature Learning Curve

Your pathway to becoming the Happiest Dog Owner

Residency Training Overview

Plainly stated, the Full House Residency program is miles ahead of other trainers’ board-and-train or bootcamp programs. Your dog will enjoy living in a home environment for the duration of its training program, working with multiple trainers daily to broaden capabilities and expand its training experience. Our expert trainers will take on the responsibility of teaching your dog a variety of skills, anchored by a focus on the Full House Signature Learning Curve training system which dives deep into the core of good behavior – emotional-stability and energy-control. Each day our Full House training staff will guide your dog through a structured program that includes:

Multiple, personalized training sessions

Playtime experiences to help teach your pup appropriate canine socialization

Dedicated rest periods to prepare for the next training session.

The work done during a Residency program is only as solid as the confidence you have once the dog returns home. This is where Full House Dog Training commits an abundance of time and attention, as we engage you in a transition session during the program while the dog is still training with us, plus two in-home transition sessions; one at the end of the program when we personally deliver your dog home and a future, follow-up session to solidify your peace of mind.

Personalized Video Library

Videos emailed throughout the program to keep you connected to your dog, stay aware of his progress and ensure you have a valuable video library to rely on as we transition the dog home

Expert Trainers

Dedicated trainers work with your dog, teaching him to think independently and choose good behaviors

Real-World Skills

Energy control, calmer behaviors, loose-leash walking, door manners, proper people and dog greetings, obedience commands

Owner Confidence

Thorough transition of knowledge provided during and at the end of the program, to build your confidence and successfully continue your dog’s development once it returns home

Residency Training in a Nutshell

Great Start Residency

Residency training follows our Full House Signature Learning Curve that focuses on developing foundational skills that are applied in gradually more challenging environments. No matter what the age, breed or previous training experience, every new Full House family member begins with Great Start. This program creates success around low to medium level distractions and focuses on calm and responsive behaviors indoors where your dog spends a majority of its life, and beginning to reach outdoors to higher level stimulation.

Three week program

Includes a specialized training leash, training journal, personalized video library of your dog participating in each training exercise, access to general online training videos and community networking

Focus on a deep understanding of the training process to build owner’s confidence through three dedicated transition sessions: one during the program, between day 10 and 14; one session at the end of the program, when we personally deliver your dog home; and one final session, about one month after the dog has been home, to fine tune structure and ensure long-term development.

Peace of mind with lifetime support and coaching

Top Dog Residency

If you are looking for the most well-behaved dog on the block, the Top Dog program continues development in high-distraction environments, including the park, dog-friendly stores, hiking trails or nearly any environment that matches your lifestyle goals, so you can fully enjoy your dog. Our Top Dog program includes working outdoors around other dogs and a focus on higher reliability with leash skills and obedience to prepare you and your dog to successfully achieve your Green-Leash Certification. Additionally, we can create off-leash reliability by layering electronic collar* communication to your dog’s solid foundation of skill development. Once again, our electronic collar training is unlike the fear and punishment methods used by a majority of trainers. We told you we weren’t your average dog trainer!
*Cost of electronic collar is not included in the price of this program

Six week program

Includes a specialized training leash, training journal, personalized video library of your dog participating in each training exercise, access to general online training videos, community networking and one attempt at Green-Leash certification.

Once again, we round out the Top Dog program with multiple transitions sessions, including at least two opportunities for you to work with your dog during the program and the same two personalized sessions in your home included in the Great Start program so you feel totally confident about transitioning the skills your dog has learning into your daily routine.

Peace of mind with lifetime support and coaching

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