Springtime – Your Pup’s Health & Safety

As our weather warms up, you and your pup may be spending more time outdoors. For anyone who enjoys camping and hiking with your dog, it’s even more important to be aware and be prepared. Here are a few topics to think about to help you and your dog enjoy your time together outdoors.

Flees & Ticks – with the warmer weather, we experience a higher bug population as we spend time outdoors, particularly in our Utah mountains. After any time in deeper foliage or near water, it’s important to comb through your dog’s fur to inspect for flees and ticks.

Foxtail – this grass produces a spikelet and are abundant in our area along trails and canal banks. These spikelets can embed themselves into your dog’s fur and create irritation and infection. If your dog is itching or biting at their paws or facial area, there is a good chance they may have an embedded fox tail. Inspecting your dog after time spent in these outdoor areas is beneficial to helping your dog avoid painful foxtail experiences.

Heartworm – while the number of heartworm cases in Utah is relatively low compared with other parts of the country, the disease can be fatal if contracted. Heartworm is contracted via mosquitoes, so as you spend more time outdoors, the chance of your dog being exposed is higher.

Dog First Aid Kit – it is always best to be prepared for yourself and your dog. Having a first aid kit with you for your outdoor adventures is simple and an easy way to attend to any wounds or minor injuries.

Suggestions for your first-aid kit: waterproof container, gauze pads, elastic wrap, medical tape, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, antihistamine tablets, rubber gloves, water-proof band-aids (for humans).

It’s best to consult with your veterinary professional to learn more about preventative measures and treatment options for flees, tick and heartworms. Educating yourself, then choosing a plan that feels right to you is the best way to be engaged in your dog’s well-being.

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