Dog Walking Tips

Dog Walking Tips from Experienced Dog Trainer

Let’s Take a Walk

Do you dread the idea of walking your dog? Often, this seemingly simple task can be overwhelming and create more anxiety as you anticipate all that could happen once you step out your front door. As the weather warms up, you may be considering revisiting the idea to get outside and spend some time with your dog. Here are some simple tips to keep this experience more enjoyable!

  • Remove all expectations that have previously defined “a walk.”
  • Focus on starting where your dog can find success. This could mean that your training is done indoors, in a more controlled environment until both you and your pup are ready to progress to new environments.
  • Move to new, higher stimulating environments as your dog finds overwhelming success in their current situation. This could mean opening exterior doors or placing toys or food in your walking path. As your dog is ready to move outdoors, do so gradually, a couple steps outside, then come back inside for several steps. Try working in a garage or backyard before moving to the front yard where more stimulation usually occurs.
  •  Recognize that forward movement is the reward during walking. If the dog
    moves past your established boundary (usually an imaginary plain even with your
    leg), you will stop moving.

Also, its valuable to recognize there are numerous ways to provide training for your dog other than walking. A dog DOESN’T need to be walked if it is an overwhelming experience for either of you. Reach out and let us help you find ways to replace a walk with other more beneficial experiences until you and your dog are ready to enjoy taking a stroll together.

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